Your Car Deserves The Best Photography

Have you ever considerd a photography session with your classic or custom car?


Photographs of you with your car are a great way to show your car to your friends when you're not driving it around.


Framed photos, or a digital slide-show photo frame, hanging on your office or home wall, are a great way to re-live the fun of driving your car.


As a professional photographer who is passionate about cars, I will take the time to compose a photograph considering the location, lighting, composition, lenses, angles, and details, to bring out the style and beauty of your car.


As each car's style s unique unto itself,  how I approach and photograph each car is equally unique.  Compositions that work on one car may not necessarily work on another.  Each car has its own personality which comes through in photography.

Photography Rates

Please contact me about photography rates, as they are dependent on time, location or travel if needed, the need for larger prints, etc.


The photo session will take a minimum of 3 hours for a complete collection of portraits with your car and detail photos.


Photo sessions can be arranged at your home or at various locations and times around  the greater Portland area.


All photography sessions include an a album of 4 x 6 prints and a CD with large and small digital photos, and a printing authorization release so you can make prints on your own if needed.


Additionally, coffee mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, and other items with photos of your car can be created for you as needed.


Framed wall photographs are available in a variety of sizes and paper texture surfaces, please inquire for pricing of these itmes.